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Welcome To DeWitt Physical Therapy

At DeWitt Physical Therapy, our physical therapists take a functional and evidence-based approach to your rehabilitation and challenge the convention of physical therapy as most have experienced. We blend the best of manual therapy techniques with strength coaching, movement restoration with corrective exercise, and we will get you to tap in to your inner athlete, break a sweat and embrace a fitness lifestyle. Bear with us if we geek out from time to time on the latest research, newest exercises or philosophies - it is all a reflection of our passion for helping you meet your goals. Now, let’s get after it!


Move with Purpose

August 17, 2014

“First move well, then move often,” is a quote that rings true for us each day here at DeWitt Physical Therapy and CrossFit UP (thanks Grey Cook!).  In both the therapy and training worlds, as movement has taken center stage over isolated testing and strengthening, prioritizing movement has been the key to unlocking function and setting […]


I have been working with Ryan for over a year now and his knowledge and understanding of the human body never fails to impress. The sport I train and compete in tends to leave me with pains and strains in every imaginable area. Because Ryan is so well versed in many different therapy techniques (he also does joint mobilization, suction cupping and scraping to name a few…), if something is not getting me better he is not afraid to switch it up and try a new method which will usually work right away.

Pat Barber - 

CrossFit Athlete and Coach

Ryan helped me to get back to my passion of surfing. After a total of eight knee surgeries over the last 25 years, I had a total knee replacement. Ryan's extensive knowledge and his passion to get me healed was second to none. Only nine weeks after my surgery I was fully released to do what I wanted. I was able to return to shortboard surfing and was able to go to Namotu, Fiji, to surf some of the most amazing waves in the world!

Randy Brown - 


After multiple surgeries and a severe broken leg/ankle dislocation I was in need of someone who knew their stuff and was passionate about recovery. As a profeesional athlete its really tough being injured, Ryan not only made me feel really comfortable, but he got me back on my feet, quick. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else, if you are in need, DeWitt Physical Therapy is the place.

Ben Koscielniak - 

Professional Skimboarder

Ryan had a great understanding of what my goals were and the knowledge to help me reach them. Being a professional athlete, the goal is always to get back in competition condition ASAP. Ryan had a creative way of specializing my PT sessions to my specific needs and constantly adjusting his work based on my progress. Thanks to him, I was able to return to riding months before anyone had anticipated.

Greg Watts - 

Professional Mountain Biker

Whenever I have an injury, Ryan DeWitt always gets me back on the field. He quickly identifies what needs to be done and his knowledge and dedication give me the confidence that I need to get healthy.

Kevin Eichhorn - 

Pitcher with the Tigers Organization

I sought out Nikki's help after being unsuccessful in recovering on my own from a painful foot injury. When I started treatment, I was dispirited about being able to race that season, but I had confidence in Nikki and found that, in time, through her skilled care, I was fully healed and my running was as strong as ever. One year on, I have had no further problems stemming from this injury and I still continue to use the strength exercises that Nikki taught me!

Camilla Shaffer - 

Marathon Runner

Nikki has enabled me to keep playing competitive soccer at a high level. Over the past eight years, she has helped me rehabilitate from four surgeries and after each one I was able to return to the same level of play as before the surgery.

Taylor Rohde - 

Soccer player

I had ACL reconstructive surgery on my right knee in November 2012. My goal was to get me back on the bike in January and Nikki helped get me there. Her patience, encouragement, good sense of humor, and professional knowledge actually had me looking forward to each week and new set of exercises. When I finished all of my PT sessions, I felt stronger than I did before. I am now 6 months out of surgery, back on the bike and riding strong. Nikki helped to make what could have been a tough recovery, much easier.

Karen Cooper - 

Cycle Coach Team in Training

I would recommend Dr. Mesa to anyone - but especially to ex-professional athletes as myself (soccer), current professional athletes, amateur athletes, and anyone who desires a quality physical therapists who will challenge you, improve you, and get back on the field at a 100%.

Mike Rivas - 

Santa Cruz Breaker's Soccer Coach

After an extensive shoulder surgery Adriana was a huge help and got me back and rolling in no time.

Andrew Taylor - 

Professional mountain-biker